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At some point in our lives we all stop and ask ourselves deeper questions like who are we; why we’re here; if this is all there is; what we should do with our lives; what is our purpose; our destiny.  Is it ever too late to find our answers to these questions? 

There are those who believe that our destiny and purpose are predetermined, already written.  The time we have on Earth is given to us to make decisions that ultimately fulfill or destiny and purpose. At times life feels like a random experience.  Yet, there seems to be an inevitability that goes beyond death and taxes.  Life is a symphony.  The choices, decisions and actions we take are like those of an orchestra conductor.  Ultimately, we perform the music set to the page.  We have the choice to be average or to be our best selves.


Yours is the most important story to tell. Let's write the next chapter together !

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