"Changing the Way You Will Get Your Next Job"

About JobHunterServices

Today's Job Market Has Never Been More Competitive

JobHunterServices was established to meet a clear and completely unaddressed need. We are the leading provider of job search and job application support services. We optimize the period of time jobseekers spend looking for work. With JobHunterServices working for you, it's common to get out on interviews within the first two weeks after starting your search.  Proven to be much faster than if you were to have to do all the footwork on your own.

JobHunterServices is not a Recruiting or Headhunting Firm


Jobseekers come in all shapes and sizes. Some enter the marketplace proactively, looking for a better job or career change. Looking for a new job needn't be an arduous experience.

Many are propelled into job search mode due to various circumstances, such as job fulfillment / satisfaction issues, corporate restructurings and layoffs, mutually agreed separations, releases without prejudice (RWOP) and simple terminations.  There is life after losing a job. The measure for success going forward is what effort and resources you apply to find your next calling, and cover enough ground to make sure you're not just taking the first offer. Rather, making an informed decision among multiple employment opportunities.
You have the Passion and Determination to make things happen.
Let the JobHunterServices team be your trusted job search and application concierge.

 "Changing The Way You'll Get Your Next Job"



As Registrant Client, you agree that all services purchased from JobHunterServices will be performed as assist and support to You the jobseeker.  It is not the intent, nor interest of JobHunterServices to submit job applications as the Registrant, rather for the Registrant.  As Registrant Client you certify, to the best of your knowledge, that all job application information, history and professional experience data is true and accurate.  As Registrant Client, you contract JobHunterServices to present your information on your behalf to potential employers, via those employers Career Site employment jobsites.

If this service leads to employment, as Registrant Client you understand that any false or misleading information provided to GoJobDaddy, therefore in any job applications or interviews may result in your release from any future employer.  As Registrant Client, you agree to hold JobHunterServices harmless for any liabilities, damages and all disputes, past, present and future, which may arise from the services purchased or provided.